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MindBird buddha-nature maps & books is a cute little store and micro-publisher featuring a unique selection of new and used books and maps, usually discounted. It is a store which encourages exploration and awareness of the world around and within us.
As such, we stock a diversity of subjects and feature self help, drug addiction and alcoholism recovery through therapy books, world literature, science
and nature, history, travel and geography, philosophy, and Buddhism. This website focuses on maps, for which there is more online demand.

Our small publishing operation has specialized in material about Henry W. Coe State Park, California, where the owner worked for many years. We are developing and have published three websites in addition to the one you view now: www.coestatepark.com features Henry W. Coe State Park; www.nazflora.org, Northern Arizona Flora, is an annotated photographic catalog of Northern Arizona wild plants; and the newest, www.mojavenp.org celebrates the landscapes and life forms of Mojave National Preserve, California.

Why the name? “Buddha-nature” refers to the basic essence of all things,
and the store seeks to promote inquiry into that essence.

We feel that there can be a happy interchange between the traditions of western science, literature, and historical research (on the one hand) and the introspective methods exemplified in Buddhism. This attitude is unusual in that we avoid the all too credulous aspects of much of New Age philosophy, while recognizing that modern western thinking is itself often hampered by the egos and biases of scientists and political leaders. (Find out more at an Introduction To Buddhism Course online at the Little School of Buddhism)

As to the kinds of books we like to stock, our attitude is aptly expressed
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13 North San Francisco Street, Suite 3
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
The store is located in an obscure basement among offices in historic downtown Flagstaff. It is about a half a block north of Old Route 66, on the left (west) side of the street. The door to the basement area is between “Arizona Hand-Made” and “Aspen Sports.”
Once inside, follow the signs downstairs!
Here’s some photos of the neighborhood
to help orient you.

(928) 226-9030

Toll-free number from inside the US:
(800) 742-0556

See Store Hours above for the times to call.

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