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MindBird buddha-nature maps & books is a cute little store and micro-publisher featuring a unique selection of new and used books and maps, usually discounted. It is a store which encourages exploration and awareness of the world around and within us.
As such, we stock a diversity of subjects and feature self help, drug addiction and alcoholism recovery through therapy books, world literature, science
and nature, history, travel and geography, philosophy, and Buddhism. This website focuses on maps, for which there is more online demand.

Our small publishing operation has specialized in material about Henry W. Coe State Park, California, where the owner worked for many years. We are developing and have published three websites in addition to the one you view now: www.coestatepark.com features Henry W. Coe State Park; www.nazflora.org, Northern Arizona Flora, is an annotated photographic catalog of Northern Arizona wild plants; and the newest, www.mojavenp.org celebrates the landscapes and life forms of Mojave National Preserve, California.

Why the name? “Buddha-nature” refers to the basic essence of all things,
and the store seeks to promote inquiry into that essence.

We feel that there can be a happy interchange between the traditions of western science, literature, and historical research (on the one hand) and the introspective methods exemplified in Buddhism. This attitude is unusual in that we avoid the all too credulous aspects of much of New Age philosophy, while recognizing that modern western thinking is itself often hampered by the egos and biases of scientists and political leaders. (Find out more at an Introduction To Buddhism Course online at the Little School of Buddhism)

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Alcohol Rehab Florida

Types of Alcohol Addiction Treatments

There are many different types of alcohol addiction treatments. And, as they evolve and change, they can sometimes become a whole new type of treatment, whether it is medical, physical or psychological. The first step of most of these programs is a detox, as it is a process where the patient’s body is cleared of all the alcohols in his or her system.

And, although it removes the narcotics from their body, it doesn’t help with any other problems that come with an addiction, such as the psychological effects that the substance has on them.

When a patient goes through a detoxification, they often suffer from painful side effects. This is because the body is struggling with the withdrawal. For this reason, a detox is generally performed with medication. It is also overseen by specialist doctors and nurses to make sure that the process is as safe and painless as possible for the addict.

Long-term treatment of alcoholism

Long-term treatment includes care for the abuser each day, and they can take as long as 6 months to a year. In these types of treatment programs, the treatment often focuses on helping the patient socially and also psychologically. This is because an addiction can affect a person’s behaviour and emotions.

Helping You Find Courage With The Serenity Prayer

This type of treatment is specifically designed to help the patient to recognise how their own behaviour has been affected by taking the narcotics, and to help them to revert back to how they once were before taking alcohols.

These kinds of treatment programs can also be tweaked to be able to care for specific patients.

Short-term treatment of alcohol abuse

Short-term treatment programs are great for addicts who only have a short amount of time to change, as they offer acute treatment in just 3 to 6 weeks’ time. These kinds of treatments usually offer the 12-step program, but different medical centres may have other kinds of counselling to help their patients.

Sometimes, a patient may fall back into the habit once they leave, so it is recommended that they continue their journey to recovery in aftercare programs, as these types of treatment can reduce the risk of this happening.

Group treatment

Many centres use group therapy to improve the social skills of a patient. This kind of treatment will often have a psychiatrist directing a session, who creates topics which will help the patients to see that they have a problem, and to help them to overcome their addiction with a group of other people who have a similar problem.

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Custom Home Builders

How Much Can a DIY Home Construction Cost?

Most kit home construction projects will take between three and six months to complete and can be way cheaper than using commercial custom home construction contractors; a little less if more time is invested and slightly longer if the tasks are spread out over longer periods of time. As exciting as these projects can be, they can rapidly become impossible if the prospect of costs isn’t considered as early as possible.

Not only are there the costs of any land purchases to consider; the value of the kit itself can vary depending on the size and space that they will offer to their inhabitants.

Is there an average cost per kit?

The first thing to consider is that ready-designed packages can be cheaper to purchase, but might not always be suitable for certain types of land. Secondly, customised properties will often have a small fee applied for the design, as well as any base costs for materials. Most DIY kits will be available in sizes that revolve around bedrooms.

For example, 1 bedroom properties can be the cheapest, whereas 3 bedrooms or more can be two of three times the price.

Then there’s the factor of construction to consider. If you consider the following example, it should provide a better idea of what the initial costs can be:

Laying a Foundation

In order for the house to be constructed, it will require foundations to protect the property from seismic activity and other natural events. The foundation can be made of solid concrete, or rely on columns to raise the house off of the ground (especially useful when building a wooden log cabin). The cost of the foundation can vary depending on the size of the home, but an estimated cost according to construction agencies would be roughly $100 AUD per metre square of concrete.

Purchasing the Kit

The cost of a kit can vary from just $20,000 right up to $80,000 AUD depending on the size and shape of the property. If the buyer is planning on taking care of the construction themselves there may not be any additional erection fees to consider – but the cost of shipping, plumbing connection and electrical installation can also be worth considering (and can cost up to $5,000).

Installing the Home

With the plot of land prepared, the foundations laid and the kit ready for assembly; the final cost can relate to having the property constructed by contractors. Most will charge based on the size of the home, as well as the time that it might take to erect it entirely. When estimating the cost of construction, most agencies will charge 100% of the cost of the property, or 105-110% depending on their particular features and services.

Overall, a 3 bedroom home could cost roughly $200,000 ($800,000 cheaper than a regular 3 bedroom home in Sydney on average). A 2 bedroom can cost up to $150,000 and a 1 bedroom can total $70,000 to $80,000 AUD according to manufacturing and construction companies.

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Detox from alcohol and drugs

How Do You Detox From Drugs?

Although narcotics may differ in the way that they are made and the effects that they can have on the human body, most have one thing in common – and that’s their potential to lead to a dependency within anyone that exposes themselves to the chemical properties. From cannabis to heroin, drugs of all types can take a toll on the human body, and if left untreated many of these instances can become fatal.

How do you detox from drugs?

In most instances, the majority of medical practitioners will refer their patients to drug rehabilitation clinics for drug and alcohol detox. These treatment centers are commonly dedicated to helping drug addicts and alcoholics to overcome their dependencies by relying on a host of effective therapies and treatment programs. Each patient is different, so it will be the responsibility of an expert to evaluate the severity of any dependency, and then recommend the best way forward.

Florida Drug & Alcohol Detox

For long term dependencies, the body may have developed a biological and physiological need to consume drugs; or be exposed to them on a consistent basis. These addictions can be the most challenging to overcome, especially as the chemical composition of the drugs may have started to mislead the body into thinking that the toxins are a vital part of daily functionality. In these cases, attempting to stop exposure to the narcotics can sometimes be fatal.

Treatment programs

This is why advanced treatment programs have recently been made available to those that need them – with many facilities being funded by the local authorities in an effort to stem the progression of drug addictions. Some clinics charge their patients however, and it’s these types that typically offer even more extensive treatment programs to help. Others can be religious by nature and usually offer their services for free, in exchange for a more holistic approach to recovery.

In any event, to detox from drugs a sufferer must understand that there are mental, emotional, and physical processes to go through. With the aid of counselling and therapy, the emotional side of things can be taken care of. Meditation, hypnosis, and other holistic therapies are often called upon to tackle the mental side of things; especially when hoping to reprogram a sufferer’s mental dependency on a narcotic.

The physical treatments can be the most challenging however, especially as side effects can occur, and these ailments can range from bearable to life-threatening. The detoxification process will typically involve drug-replacement formulas to aid in overcoming side effects and symptoms, as well as supportive therapies to help an addict to A) come to terms with their addiction and B) overcome their desire to continue exposing themselves to drugs.

When left to the professionals, even the most extreme of addictions can be dealt with – and when detoxing properly, it can be possible to complete expel toxins from the body and allow organs to recover to a state of near-complete functionality once again.

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